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Permanently Destroys and removes 25% of fat cells in one session

How It Works

Cryo Slim is a unique non-surgical, non-anesthetic form of Cryolipolysis, which provides a safer alternative to liposuction surgery. No needles, no surgery and no downtime!  

Controlled cooling, known as Cryolipolysis, enables specialists to gently and effectively single out unwanted fat cells. These cells are safely crystallized, or frozen, which causes apoptosis.

Over the following 12 – 16 weeks, your body naturally processes and removes the dead cells, giving you a more sculpted, slimmer physique. Perfect for Pockets of FAT that regular diet and exercise have been unable to move, such as areas like:

  • upper abdomen

  • lower abdomen

  • love handles

  • back and flanks

  • inner and outer thighs

  • bra line

  • knees (above)

  • upper arms

  • lower back fat


Key Benefits

  • Eliminates stubborn fat

  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite

  • Reshapes “problem” areas on the body

  • No surgery, anesthesia or needles required

  • No downtime

  • Safe and effective

  • Treat two areas at once with the Cryo Slim’s dual system

The Requirements

Our experienced Therapists will assess your suitability for treatment during our consultation and review any treatment contraindications. Please note :  Clients must be over the age of 18 and looking to spot-reduce stubborn fat or sculpt previously troublesome areas on the body. Some clients may not be eligible for fat freezing treatments.  Please note: Cryo Slim is designed for localized reduction of fat, and should not be used as a weight-loss solution. 


Post Treatment

As Cryo Slim is 100 per cent non-surgical, you can return to your normal routine the same day.

Although it is important to follow the post-treatment care advice as prescribed by our specialist.

Stiffness, bruising, swelling and tenderness can occur, and it is normal for the area to appear red for up to 48 hours post-treatment.


$25 Deposit is required.

Consultations are approx. 30 mins.

1 CRYO PAD: $400

Packages & Instore Promotions Available Upon Consultation  

Add Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation: $50

Add Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: $50

Cryo Slim is not Suitable if you have experienced the following:

  • Laser hair removal, IPL or waxing in the treatment area within the last week.

  • Sunburn in the treatment area recently.

  • Have open wounds or grazing in the treatment area.

  • Dermatitis, eczema or rashes.

  • Recent surgery.

  • Hernia or history of hernia in the treatment area.

  • Pacemaker, defibrillator or electronically implanted device.

  • Bleeding or circulation disorder.

  • Nerve disorders.

  • Uticaria or Raynauds disease.

  • Chemical or radiation therapy.

  • Pregnancy or breast feeding.

Caution must be taken not to treat the abdomen during menstruation, and any areas of weak, thin or sagging skin should be discussed with your Therapist prior to treatment.  

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