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Fat Dissolving Injections

During the period of post-treatment swelling, the area can look fuller than it did before treatment. As the fat cells are disrupted and the inflammation subsides, most patients see results by 6 to 8 weeks after a treatment. The swelling can appear to be more severe than the double chin fat that was present. It is not abnormal for the swelling to temporarily cause a burning, tight and numb sensation. Patient’s have also reported feeling lumps during the healing period that resolve as the swelling subsides. These symptoms should resolve themselves as the swelling subsides. Cold compresses and Tylenol can be effective for pain relief. 

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Fat Dissolving Injections
What Is Fat Dissolving Injections?

Deoxycholic acid. It is also known as Kybella® or Belkyra is currently approved for use to permanently dissolve fat molecules in the body. Injection lipolysis is a great option for patients unwilling or unable to undergo surgery. Depending on the severity of  fat, multiple treatments may be required to reach your desired result. We use a mixture of ingredients to ensure the best results for our patients including vitamin to reduce and caffeine to reduce swelling and inflammation.


Injection lipolysis treatments are typically done in the office in a 45 minute appointment. A topical numbing cream is applied and ice is used to aid with discomfort of injections. A fine needle is used for the injection to improve discomfort associated with the procedure. The length of your consultation will depend on the amount of questions you may have. You are usually able to have your Belkyra treatment on the same day as your consultation.

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