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Package Includes:


- 30 minute Infrared Hydration Station 

Indulge in our full-body detox bed, with oxygen mist infused with Aloe, CoQ enzyme, Vitamins E & C, collagen, and melanin. Paired with Infrared Light, it rejuvenates tissue, enhances circulation, and burns up to 800 calories per session!


- Full Body Mud Wrap

Organic healing therapy marine mud mask, detoxifying and purifying with aloe vera, vitamin e and real lavender oil. Deeply nourishing the skin promoting smoothness.


- Sauna Blanket 

While in the mud wrap you will be in our sauna blanket, it induces sweating, promoting detoxification, relaxation, improved circulation, potential weight loss, and pain relief, also helping the mud penetrate deeper into the skin.

The Smooth Girl Summer Package

C$175.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
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