Body Contouring with

Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation

What Is Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation

Ultrasound fat Cavitation uses low frequency ultrasound to subject fat cell membranes to a strong wave of pressure.  The cell structure cannot withstand this pressure and disintegrates into a liquid state.  

The ultrasound wave creates a vibration within the fat layer. The fat cells do not have the structural capacity to withstand this vibration and the cell membrane will very quickly break down.

Ultrasound Cavitation offers targeted fat reduction and body contouring. The treatment safely converts fat cells into liquids that are drained by the body’s own natural filtration system. This treatment can be used on its own or combined with Cryo Slimming (permanent fat reduction)


Pricing - pricing varies depending on area

$25 Deposit is required.

Consultations are approx. 30 mins.

1 Treatment - $100

Pack of 3 - $250

Add Radio Frequency Skin Tightening: $50

Added to Cryo Slimming: $50     

Ultrasound Lipo Cavitation Consult
30 min